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Zardari's days are numbered

In two years Asif Ali Zardari has ruined the economy of Pakistan. There is no electricity, no water, no gas. He has increased the price of food a hundredfold. He never cared about Pakistan and will never ever care about it. He has billions of dollars of Pakistan's money stashed away in foreign bank accounts. Everyone who is a part of Zardari's government is a gangster. They have responsible countless murders, land grabbing and Embezzlement. Now there is not a shadow of a doubt that Zardari was one ordered the murder of his wife Benazir. Things are getting worse with each passing day and the only way left for the people is to exterminate Zardari and everyone in his government. Pervez Musharraf had gradually descended into hell, but Zardari has dug a huge hole in two years in which he and all his cohorts will fall. If the Zardari supported by International agencies, they too will suffer the same fate. Enough is enough - no one can stand these lies any more. It is time kill all…