Porn industry in Pakistan

It is a despicable unlikable industry, it is called the porn industry otherwise known as the Adult Industry. It is called an industry because of the tremendous amount of money it generates. Pakistan does not have one - but everything exists underground, the result is very poor.  There is nothing which does not exist. Pakistan's second largest brothel is Heera Mandi, in Lahore, the largest is the town of Kharian, it is a railway junction. Where there are brothels there is liquor.  The 'Islamic Republic' is merely a label, under cover of which everything happens.
No one has the courage to reopen the bars, the nightclubs, the discos which which existed till the late 1970s. But perhaps due to force of nature they may open up, with people demanding more freedom. perhaps its just a matter of time.
Recently a man tried to open a porn website, he was arrested, strangely enough the 'victims' denied any involvement in participating it. Porn may well become an industry in th…

What we choose to eat

I was told a strange story about pigs. Pig farmers are more prosperous than those who farm other animals. Pigs mature quickly  and are ready to be sold in a short time. As for farmers of other animals have to wait for their animals to mature. Money lenders do not like pig farmers because they pay back  their debt if any whereas farmers of other animals constantly need to buy something or the other for their animals. By the time they end up selling their animals,  they are already in debt, they have ensure they add the debt to the price of the livestock they are selling.
With ample propaganda peoples beliefs about the animals they consume was changed, Certain animals were called unclean and impure whereas others were called clean and good to eat. In certain faiths specific animals were elevated to the status of deities, hence cannot be eaten. The rift between human beings is what they eat and what they do not. Some animals are considered pets for others they are food.
For all practica…

Strange responses

These  are some strange responses I have received by different people on different occasions
I saw this funny photograph on Facebook, did you see it too?Yes I saw it (with a stern look)  ------------- Your best friend and cousin has married - you must be very happy.Not all,  after her marriage I don't want to see her or meet her ever again. I stop being friends with anyone who gets married. ---------- You had an accident, you have all those bandages.I don't feel the pain, I'm angry with the policeman who gave the wrong direction.---------- The doctor said your eyes  were -5 and you need thick lenses, why did you not tell anyone you were feeling discomfort in your eyes?I felt discomfort but I did not think it was necessary to tell anyone about it, I thought it would go away or if it gets worse I thought what can I or anyone do about it? --------

Which animal would you prefer as a pet?Pets are such a nuisance, hate looking after them.Still if you had choice between a dog or a c…

Culture vultures

Recently a Qawwali singer Amjad Sabri was shot dead in Karachi. It was said he had no enemies, nothing can  be further than the truth. The reason is Qawwali singers, Ghazal singers and others are born in such households where they had to master the art. Each of them is vying for audiences there are literally turf wars on such things.
Before concert halls, vinyl records and others which followed, they performed in brothels  The prostitutes would dance for the men who had gathered there. They were paid and the dancing girls too, then the men would go off with a prostitute. 
Rival gangs controlled different brothels and had their own singers, dancers and prostitutes. There were turf wars one gang would decimate the other. Pimps kidnap women and force them into prostitution. 
These people are considered the lowest of the low in society. Respectable people kept their distance and they were never welcome anywhere.The mullahs fell in the same category -  because they sought the help of the gang…

Robotised world

The present will seem magical to people even living in the 1980s.  Smartphones, touchscreens, self-driving cars, electric cars, solar farms, electricity generated by thousands of solar panels. Blue Tooth, Infrared. Factories have less workers because of automated manufacturing. Things move quickly from concept, designing and actual manufacturing of that item. The evolution of CGI will eliminate actors. There is a great deal more things on the way which will increasingly eliminate human involvement.
The only problem with this hyper-efficient environment is the economy. If the economy is doing well, everyone is  employed and making money then people can afford such advancement. The basic necessities of the people food, shelter. clothing and medical support and money to spare so as to be able to buy latest gadgets then it would work.  But such technological advancement takes places which for all practical removes human involvement it is bound to create resentment, hatred and result in u…

The future of gaming

In the VCR wars, Sony's Betamax lost and VHS was used.  VCRs are no longer in use, CDs were used followed by DVDs then Blu-Ray DVDs. As this was going on, people increasingly began to rely on the Internet to watch all the films they wanted.  This ended the 4 decade long video rental business.
A similar situation has emerged when Sony and Microsoft selling their respective consoles. Some games can be played on Playstation and others on Xbox exclusively.  But the personal computer is there and can be configured anyway and can still play most games.
The future of gaming will no longer be consoles, it will be the Cloud. The GameCloud will be like the telephone exchange of gaming. It will not only provide games, it will have a feature which would create problems for both Sony and Microsoft. The problem is this GameCloud will quiet literally perform like a telephone exchange. Players can log in to GameCloud, they will not need any change in the existing hardware of what they have, this…

The absence of joy and excitement

Paychopaths are void of feelings. The past six months have shown me how much they can cause. I came into some money six months - I was jubilant,extremely happy and excited when I received it. The first thing I did was give my daughter, who had graduated a month so earlier and I did not have anything to give her, now that I did,I gave her more than any of uncles and aunts could. She took the money and said nothing just sat there as if nothing had happened. What I was expecting was that she would jump with joy and be very excited about receiving the money.There was absolutely no expression on her face. She had to be prompted - and she gave the expression of joy and happiness - but at no time able truly comprehend the reason. 
Later when  I told my wife about the money, which was long overdue - she had the same deadpan reaction as my daughter. No expression of relief and no tears of joy,  nothing at all. Here I am feeling incredibly happy and the response is of cold indifference. Bough a …