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The Prime Minister and the newspaper employees wage award

The newspaper and publication owners are asking the new prime minister not to make them implement the newspaper employees wage award. They did the same thing with former prime minister and he took tremendous bribes from these people at the cost of his own job. If the present prime minister chooses to do the same, it is entirely approach.
Journalists do not too kindly to leaders who betray them. It is the work of journalists which enables newspapers,(publications and the electronic media) be in a position to bring the stories which bring about changes in society and the way politics is conducted in the country - whether there should be dictatorship or democracy. Journalists work hard at their jobs and deserve to be paid well.
The newspaper and publication owners do not see it that way. They do not want to pay anything at all, although get lots of money from advertisements and sales - the government is by far the biggest advertiser.
If the prime minister chooses to side with newspaper ow…