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Will the next US President end the wars?

So far there is no indication the candidates of the two US political parties intend to end USA’s military involvementin the worldSeemingly it does notconcern the people of the USA, they are not like the activists who wanted the end of the Vietnam war. They are content with their lives, what happens abroad does not concern them anymore, one of the reasons is that they are do not know enough. During the Vietnam war the media was free and could report everything which was happening in the Vietnam war. Withthe media under absolute control- with ‘embedded journalists’ they only report what the military will allow them to report. If the US media actually free then the facts would speak for themselves and the people would know what is really going on. But when the media is entirely in the pocket of the US establishment there can neverbe any truth.People will only know what the establishment will let them. The result is there is an air of absolute apathy and indifference.The candidates of bot…