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Transparency International fraud

It is really strange that the countries which are absolutely squeaky clean are the USA, Canada and the members of NATO; Whereas the rest of the world is absolutely corrupt in varying degrees. Some of the world's poorest countries are listed. The factors which lead to corruption are the following: HungerPovertyUnemploymentProstitutionSlaveryDrugsRacial discriminationReligious prejudice
No country in the world can ever claim to have gotten rid of these. The countries which claim they have are lying. The world's richest countries also have slums and tent cities. Just because beggars are not seen on the streets in these First World Countries, it does not mean that absolute poverty does not exist. These people are removed from plain sight. The corruption stories run rampant, the purpose is to make people miserable about their own countries and consider immigrating. The purpose to offer something better to the immigrants, the purpose absolutely criminal. The First World Countries…