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Karzai president of Kabul

Karzai iand his government are a puppet regime. They do not know anything about the country they are supposedly are ruling. Some kind of government has to exist. The war is being fought by NATO forces, not the Afghan army, because it does not exist. Karzai blames Pakistan for troubles in Afghanistan. Karzai does not belong to any institution in Afghanistan he is an oil company executive given a dubious political post.
He cannot possbily have an independent clue as to what is really going on in Afghanistan because he knows only what he is told by the foreign forces. The truth no one knows what is going on, because the Taliban are putting up a fierce fight. As in all wars enemies do not count their own dead and wounded, they only exagerrate how many the other has lost. So one cannot truly say how the conflict in Afghanistan is really going. In five years to say that foreign forces casualties are just a few thousand is completely absurd. A country which has fought a world power a…