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Enough is enough back off USA

'Gates said that in his view the UN charter allows the United States to act in self-defence against international extremists in Pakistan if the government is unable or unwilling to deal with them'This is the US idea of friendly relations with Pakistan, I forgot - the USA is not a friend of Pakistan, it is only using Pakistan to attack the Taliban.  The USA does not regret killing Pakistanis. Like it has never regretted killing countless Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians.   Only the USA has the right to kill people and no one should dare defend themselves. Despite their insane war in Vietnam the USA was badly beaten and ran with its tail between its legs.  In order to fight in Vietnam there was an undeclared war against Cambodia and Laos.   The problem, many now say is that the bombers and fighter bombers flew so fast that the pilots did not know where they were, they had the coordinates wrong. The same thing happened in the Balkans.  US planes flew right across Serbia and bo…