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Again an oil and gas price hike

The present government is again increasing the price of oil products and of gas. It seems that the government does not have any source of income other than this. Why should this be the case? There are so many sources of income, but the government does not want to impose taxes on them or is not allowed to. Why impose income tax on the feudal lords (Zamindars, Waderas), impose land tax on them also. Impose income tax on the owners of brick kiln owners? The government does not want to touch those people because they are the people who run the government. Impose income tax tribal chiefs. This government all others before it impose tax on oil, gas and imported vehicles nothing else. There is complete of understanding. There are so many sectors where taxes can be imposed. One of the primary reason why tax is increased, is not because the government has run out of money, it is increased because all the greedy pigs in Islamabad take all that money away, so there is no money left for the g…