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The future of gaming

In the VCR wars, Sony's Betamax lost and VHS was used.  VCRs are no longer in use, CDs were used followed by DVDs then Blu-Ray DVDs. As this was going on, people increasingly began to rely on the Internet to watch all the films they wanted.  This ended the 4 decade long video rental business.
A similar situation has emerged when Sony and Microsoft selling their respective consoles. Some games can be played on Playstation and others on Xbox exclusively.  But the personal computer is there and can be configured anyway and can still play most games.
The future of gaming will no longer be consoles, it will be the Cloud. The GameCloud will be like the telephone exchange of gaming. It will not only provide games, it will have a feature which would create problems for both Sony and Microsoft. The problem is this GameCloud will quiet literally perform like a telephone exchange. Players can log in to GameCloud, they will not need any change in the existing hardware of what they have, this…