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Sex ban

Instead of calling it porn ban - I've decided to call it sex ban. People performing a whole range sexual activities which for some odd reason many find objectionable and appalling. Social networking sites make sure that people post sex pictures. Gay blogs have been closed down. Why is it that sex evokes so much anger, intolerance and absolutely stupid reactions? We were born naked and when we die our clothes might survive but our skeleton would turn to dust - what will a skeleton do with clothes in any case?. I recently discovered why porn is so popular I conducted a poll and discovered 99% that real women detest oral sex. For them it is the unthinkable, it is disgusting and it is absolutely filthy. So pornographers I would rename as specialist in sexual needs, provide a service. None of the women polled refused to comment on their sexual fantasies which of course ruled out finding out whether they fantasised about oral sex. Real women are nothing like the porn-stars, for …