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Karachi sinks

What happened in Karachi was not a natural disaster, it was a man made one. The city sank and no one is taking responsibility for it because there are bureaucrats and military officials everywhere - none of them are prepared to take the blame for their incompetence. Everyone knows that the military namely its Frontier Works Organisation was responsible for rebuilding the Clifton road and took over a year to do so because every military officer wanted his share in the kickbacks for building the road. Neither the Karachi government nor the Karachi Port Trust are to blame, the fault is with Frontier Works Organisation which built the Clifton Underpass which got flooded there was not drainage system - the reason why there was no drainage system is that Frontier Works Organisation will start rebuilding the Clifton roads again with a drainage system. But that will not do, because is greed is a disaease.
The drainage system which is going to be built is going to so defective that it wil…