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General Musharraf has lost his mind

Our presen (CIA installed) military dictator: General Musharraf has shown that he has absolute unable to control things in the country.The chaos and anarchy which has enveloped the country not the result just because of the recent events, they are the result of the neglect of the country’s problems resulting in resentment which began to simmer over the years and and now has expkided in what the world is witnessing today.
Military dictators have only purpose to run the country – that ispersonal gain by looting the country as much as they can. The problemsof the state is none oftheir concern. Rather they feel so high and mighty,worrying about the problems of the country are too menial for them.No decisions can be made on whatever changes and improvements the country requires.
The neglect of the economy harms the people, some take their own lives and others resort to crime on a very large scale which the police is helpless to deald with.. The only time ‘police action’ is whe anyoneopposed …