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TV cable operators dillema

Although cable TV exists in the country, the cable operators are faced with major dillema. On the one hand they have to please their subscribers and give them the channels they want to see on the other they face a stupid oppressive government which imposes penalties on them for showing unacceptable channels. Why does the military interfere in the privacy of the people? What is it trying to prove? Stupid leaders make stupid decisions. The Internet and cable TV should be freed of the junta's control. When this will happen it is impossible to know.

Science fiction - Nonsense devices

In Star Trek - the devices most commonly used are are transporters - fancy names for teleportation devices, then there are replicators - not to be confused with the evil Replicators of Stargate Sg1. These replicators can synthesise complex items such not only food, but only plates, cups and glasses - what if this two devices were combined. - transporters could be used to transport food into our bellies, transport out all body wastes - so you never have to go to the bathroom. Replicators could be used to make weapons of all kinds - doctors do not inject anything in the patient - the ships computer is so smart it can transport out a tumour or replicate the right drug and transport into a patients body - in fact the ships computer will be constantly monitoring the crew's health.
Why should robots be four limbed creatures they can be like octopus but with many more arms so that they can each arm can do be doing different things at the same.
All space travel shows have these ships brea…

A double edged sword

The move to protect the environment is a double edged sword – there is a great deal of stress on health and hygiene but in the process wiping out many living things who benefit us.The aerial spraying of cities –for the purpose of hygiene would wipe out insects and flies indiscriminately, because these pesticides are not specific to particulars insects – it would also kill those insects which do not harm us in any way many of them benefit us. The result is that all the birds and bats might die of starvation in absence of insects or would have to go beyond city limits to have their meal. So the modern concept of hygiene and sanitation – may well doing more harm than good.
During fumigation, every single insect is exterminated indiscriminately, even the beautiful butterfly gets caught in the crossfire. What is worse the creature most women hate and fear for no reason at all - the lizard also gets killed. Lizards eat insects on a massive scale. If they are left alone, apart from devouring…