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Insane parents

Not being able to choose the parents is a sad part of life. I would be very  happy if I had parents who genuinely loved and cared instead of being the exact opposite. Besides that they lied and thought no end of themselves.
 They were violent and mean all the time. When I was small,  they could away by hitting me and being abusive.When I became older they demeaned in front of family and friends.  Running me down every opportunity they got. Ignore me and act as if I did not exist. The friends I made did not meet their approval, because liking someone is not good enough for friendship. Their idea of friendship meant people who can be used to get something in return for friendship. As a result of their attitude I avoided having friends - because never be good enough for my parents.
They used to do this in my childhood, way back then I felt as if I was invisible, anything I said or did, did not matter and because no one wanted acknowledge my presence - I felt like killing myself

When I got m…