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A general running for elections?

How idiotic can things be that a military officer, who is still in service and continues to remain in service is going to contest elections this year!? General Musharraf has refused to step down as the commander-in-chief of the army and the other ridiculous military titles which he continues to hold. Suddenly he believes in democracy. In that case every military officer should be promoted by the soldiers only vote for them - there should be absolute democracy in the army. But that does not happen because - officers are promoted by some stupid committee. The same which made promoted Musharraf to the rank of general.
General Musharraf is a usurper and a traitor - he has no right to contest any election. An official from the USA has asked the general to resign from the armed forces and contest elections - but will General Musharraf heed this advice? The general knows resigning from the armed forces is no an option because he would have to explain - how he got power and what gives him …