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What we choose to eat

I was told a strange story about pigs. Pig farmers are more prosperous than those who farm other animals. Pigs mature quickly  and are ready to be sold in a short time. As for farmers of other animals have to wait for their animals to mature. Money lenders do not like pig farmers because they pay back  their debt if any whereas farmers of other animals constantly need to buy something or the other for their animals. By the time they end up selling their animals,  they are already in debt, they have ensure they add the debt to the price of the livestock they are selling.
With ample propaganda peoples beliefs about the animals they consume was changed, Certain animals were called unclean and impure whereas others were called clean and good to eat. In certain faiths specific animals were elevated to the status of deities, hence cannot be eaten. The rift between human beings is what they eat and what they do not. Some animals are considered pets for others they are food.
For all practica…