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Facebook a social networking site, rubbish!

Facebook the social networking site requests its users to add friends or have a circle friends. Yet as it is the nature of those who absolute hypocrites - the purpose is not enable people to come together, it is deny them access to any social contact. Say one thing, do exactly the opposite. Facebook should enable adding people not denying it. It has happened so often that it has become irritating, what is the point of Facebook, make enemies and manipulate them or make friends? For all intents and purposes Facebook hopeless in the task of Social Networking. Instead of encouraging people to meet people it is doing exactly the opposite. Perhaps there is language barrier and huge cultural difference. If choose add people, that is precisely what I like to do. In Facebook and chat sites that I have seen, the purpose is not exchange ideas and points of view, it is dead silence and indifference. This is a sign of a disastrous social attitude. Meeting people for the sake of meeting them is s…