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Pakistan is collateral damage

US forces bombed a village in Pakistan - believing terrorists were there. What they ended up doing is killing innocent Pakistanis in the name of 'War on Terrorism'. Yesterday it was a village, the next time around it could very well be a towns and then cities. US officials say 'Although the incident was regretable but the USA will be hit any place suspected to have terrorists'. Which only can mean one thing - the USA is prepared to destroy Pakistan in order to make the USA safer and perhaps the rest of the world. Are Pakistanis cattle? Is Pakistan the next Cambodia? The reason why I am mentioning Cambodia is because that country was bombed during the time when USA was fighting a war in Vietnam. Cambodia was suspected to enable Vietnamese forces from its northern part to attack the southern. Countless innocent Cambodians lost their lives as a result of massive and merciless bombing campaign carried out by the USA. Cambodia was devastated by the bombing campaign,…

Karachi - a city without water

The previous military dictator – General Zia-ul-Haq introduced water supply racketeering. The water pipelines blocked or removed and water is supplied via tankers. The tankers were owned by military officers who earned a lot of money by supplying water all over the city. This racketeering continues to this day with General Musharraf’s blessings. All the military officers have a complete control over the water supply system. Instead of people receiving directly into their homes, they are forced to rely on water tankers, for which they have to pay for. To add insult to injury – an annual water supply bill is sent to the people living in anypart of Karachi – although water is not being supplied.The most common question is ‘If water can be supplied via a water tanker, why cannot the same amount of water not be supplied directly through the pipeline?’. This racketeering is unlikely to be stopped as long as the military remains inpower. Although a normal supply of water is possible, the mi…

Another New Year's eve ruined

Again all the restaurants, hotels were shut down. The way to the beach blocked. There is no specific law but officials make every attempt is made to stop merry making of any kind. This has been going for years. The mad Mullahs speak up against New Year's eve celebrations. As if enjoying oneself is some kind of terrible sin. There is no point on delving in this - it has become s pattern of our existence the people want to enjoy themselves - they will do everything in their power to circumvent the power of the officials and of the mad Mullahs. The more the military regime wants to quash merry making the more resistance they face. It may not be long when they people practically revolt and overthrow oppression of any kind.