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The right to die?

It is well known that many people cannot afford to pay doctors and hospitals - which automatically results in their death. The extremely poor die anyway - because they never get to eat the proper food and do not have access to clean drinking water. The do not have the right clothes and have no shelter, these people are going to die - these are the nameless, faceless lot whom no one cares to know about. So the question about caring for such people and really trying to save their lives - that will never happen.
Euthanasia is a very controversial issue, just as capital punishment is. The right for the state to decide as to who should die and should live. What a clever way for someone to commit murder withouit ever getting caught - in the case of capital punishment an innocent person can be framed, lots of fake evidence and lots of people blatantly committing perjury and thus this person ends up being executed for a crime he did not commit. Later it is found out that he really was in…

Mass apathy?

Yesterday nigh I saw a convoy of cars and vans, people were being asked to participate in 'million man march' against a propsed plan to privatise the examination board system - the organisation is sponsored by the Agha Khan. What is surprising though that no one has proposed a similar march against rising prices of virtually everything.
People should be demonstrating en masse against the outrageous increase in prices of practically everything. It is surprising no political party has taken up this issue.
Of course one can rule out religious polical parties - they have no agenda, no manifesto except how to promote religion. They do not take up issues such as rising prices, growing unemployment, crime and suicides. They also have no charitable function. As for the other political parties - it is surprising that the problems faced by ordinary people does not interest them - they may make lot of noises in the parliament - but do not have the courage to call for a mass protest a…

blocking my blogs

How silly can people be - just because no one posts a reply to my blogs - does not mean they haven't been seen - where I had written my blog - has a system whereby it can block websites. What I wrote must have infuriated a lot of people - it only goes to show that what I am 'blogging' is being read and driving people crazy. Oh well there goes the freedom of expression!!

The cost of living

General Musharraf's junta has increased price of virtually everything. Milk, flour, petrol and gas have become terribly expensive. The cost of electricity, telecommunications and air fares are ridiculously high. This military dictatorship has become intolerable - the criminal increase in price of things should not go unpunished. It is obvious the military does not care what anyone thinks. It imagines public opinion is of no consequence. But when public opinion turns into a mass uprising it will be impossible to control and manage. The military officers will shed the uniforms and hide their ranks and pretend they have no association with the military. Military rule always has will always mean absolute corruption. Military dictators have absolute power and that means they are absolutely corrupt. They do not represent anyone except the members of their junta. The present democracy is a facade - Shaukat Aziz imported from abroad was finance mininster now he is prime minister. He has n…

Business without social responsibility

Everyone who is doing a job does so because he (or she) is unable to do any kind of business. Everyone who is doing business is either fortunate to have inherited it, or started it. But the problem is that businessmen and workers are members of the state - so under the laws of the state - both enjoy rights and previleges.
It cannot be that all the businessmen should have all the rights and previleges and benefits and the workers should have none. A businessmen have to employ but the right to fire anyone on a whim should never exist. All workers have the right to put in a specific number of hours and be paid for them. The example of a venal form of capitalism is that of a chief accountant of a company who sorted out the accounts of his employer. He worked round the clock, even worked on weekends, did not take a single leave. The day he made his presentation of the work he had done before the management. He was congratulated for the great work he had done. No sooner was the chief…

Do we learn so that we should fail?

It is an old tradition of our newspapers is to announce the names ‘top three’ position holders of any examination. Which is nothing but a statistical improbability, because out of tens of thousands of students appearing in an exam it is ludicrous that only three students should fully comprehend the subjects they were taught.
If this is true then it would mean that all the other candidates for the exams are complete idiots who could not understand the subjects they were taught. There is something seriously wrong with this, either all should fail all should get equal marks because they were all given the same subjects to study hence should provide the same results. It is impossible to believe that only three students every year get the topmost marks while the rest lag behind. No one studies in order to fail one seeks admission in an educational institution so that one gets an opportunity to learn. No one will invests in anything in which the chances of failure is the most likely outcome.…