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Online from the beginning

No sooner is a baby born, it starts being photographed by digital cameras. Its pictures are immediately online, sent to family members and friends all over the world. Not only still pictures - but movies with sound. When one thinks about that this was inconceivable this was more than a decade ago just thinking about it is astonishing.
Some mothers are so excited about pregnant, they send the ultra-sounds of the baby they are going deliver. So a person on the Internet even before being born. Will remain alive in cyber-space long after he is no more. Emails accounts he sent photograph of himself sent it to all the people he knows. His voice would be preserved too.
The ones taken when he was baby and a child were beyond his control, but those too would be floating around in cyberspace. He cannot control that information, because it is in someone else's account elsewhere. Perhaps that someone has deleted that information. While others may have kept around. The truth is that there…