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No sex please we are Pakistani

There is an organisation the initials of which are WAR - it stands of War Against Rape. Lots of people condemned the name of the organisation and said it should be seen, because it is shameful. The purpose of that organisation was as stated, it was to help women who have been victims and want justice.
A great deal of coverage has been given to several women. The twisted values is that a woman deserves to be raped if she dares to be intimate with someone or if she has offended some influential men. An entire category of people who are abo ve the law and they rape with impunity, they cannot be stopped.
This being said, the media is supposed to portray an asexual society which knows nothing about sex, detests sex or anything related to it. The anti-AIDS campaign is a complete failure because there is hardly any mention of sex - because of the fear of offending anyone.
Sex is like something which the rich and powerful can talk about out loud, while the weak and impoverished have to st…