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Delayed justice

I suppose nowhere in the world are courts closed for 'summer vacations' as they are in Pakistan. Courts are closed for two long months. For that reason cases pile up by the end of those two months.  The number of judges are few and the number of cases run for into hundreds at times., every single day. Court sessions are only  from 9.30 AM to 1.30 PM with a tea break in between.  The cases which are not heard on that day are given a new date or never given any. The lawyer has to get a new date provided a judge is available.
 Before any case can have its day in court - it has to be registered - the registrar is a very powerful person he can choose to reject a case if he wants to. After the case is registered - the bailiff takes his time to send the case to the respondents.  The respondents hire their lawyers who prepare a reply. When the reply is sent a rebuttal is sent.  There is such a thing called Katchi Peshi - meaning rough presentation of the case - if the petitioner is l…