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Electricity shortage, food shortage in Pakistan

There has been a 200% increase in electricity shortage in Pakistan. At first people thought it was because of sheer incompetence of  the government. The real reason is that the US military bases in Pakistan and those which are in Afghanistan require electricity and they are stealing it from Pakistan. Food prices have risen 400% and so have fuel prices. Since Afghanistan does not generate electricity, does not grow food - so Pakistan is required to supply them. All the food which is being transported from the USA to the USA's military in Afghanistan is destroyed by the Taliban.  All food, water is cut off. The USA cannot afford air drops of food and water because such planes are likely to be destroyed besides it would be very expensive to do so. Already the war has cost too much. Bankrupted the USA, but the policy makers in the USA do not care. It is war at all costs, whereas its purpose is not known.For practical purposes, Pakistan has to supply everything to the US military. Even…