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The blessed and the cursed

The only way to get a really grand job is to be in the right place at the right time. Hardwork, talent, ability and intelligence means nothing. All that you learnt at you university or college is worthless. Consider a man working his butt off for years in a company, suddenly finds out the companies boss has been jailed for not paying taxes. The company winds up and the hardworking man ends on the street. He put in his life in the company – now his pension has gone and he is an old man with no chance getting another job. Lots of people try to be become movie stars end up they are too ugly, their voice is terrible and they just simply stupid – it is all matter of being bad luck. Others regardless of how they look get great part in some movie and end up acting in a film which makes lots of money.
A good luck also accounts for the fact that some people can get away with mass murder and never be held accountable for their crimes and some one get just kill one person and be jailed for life …