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Filtering porn unable to prevent crime, how strange?

Every attempt is being is being made to block the Internet and cable TV here in Pakistan - by different organisations set up by the existing junta. Yet crime and terrorism remains on the rise - reporting it in detail is out of the question, as though not reporting it would make it go away. State controlled media organisations - only represent the point of view of the dictators and their lackeys, those out of power are treated with aabsolute contempt. Bureaucrats decide what kind of entertainment or advertisement is acceptable.
Radios are still the only way most people in the country can know what is happening from different foreign radio stations. Radio crosses borders and it cannot be filtered or blocked. It keeps hope alive. When acts of terrorism and crime were not reported in the state owned media, as far as it was concerned 'no news is good news' , foreign radio stations report them, some which occur a few blocks away from where I live with complete detail..
The immens…

Is rising population a myth?

A recent reports from the National Committee for Maternal Health (NCMH) said that in Pakistan 30 women die every minute due to complications during child birth, while nine babies are born at the same time. If one were to accept this figure, then approximately 16 million women would have died after a period of one year, at the same time there would be about 5 million orphans. This staggering figure is the result of a simple calculation. Multiplying the figure provided by NCMH with the number of minutes there are in an hour, then multiplying that amount with the number of hours in a day; later multiplying that with the number of days there are in a year
According to the official census there are 150 million people in our country, If 16 million women are going to die every year and 5 million children are born(most of whom would most likely be orphans). This means that there would be 10 per cent less women and only 3 per cent more children. If this trend were to continue for 10 years; the…