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US objectives and Pakistan leadership crisis

During the Cold War - the USA used Pakistan for its ends.  Before the USA had set up its spy satellite network, it planned to fly it space planes. The country for this purpose was Pakistan. From Pakistan the plane would take cover the USSR and land in the USA. In order to pull this off - Pakistan had to become dependable ally. Which meant that Pakistan's government should have to agree to this arrangement. The USA did not want to compensate Pakistan for the use of the air base. In order to keep it 'Top Secret' - Pakistan's press had to be completely controlled.
Democracy ended in Pakistan on the behest of the USA. Press freedom also vanished. General Ayub was the president of the country and his foreign minister was ZA Bhutto. The U2 spy planes flew from Peshawar air base. Since the press was in complete control of General Ayub's regime - any journalist who stumble upon the 'secret US air base' - such a news item would never be published.  Someone did, he w…