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Pakistan's telecommunication business

For decades in Pakistan telephone connections was the purview of the government. These were given on priority basis. Ordinary people who were in no particular field could not get a telephone connection for years. The procedure had tremendous red tape.  Strangely enough the application was addressed to the president of Pakistan, as if he had nothing better to do than approve telephone connections.
It was some time later that civil servants realised that telephone connection was not privilege but a business like any other. The PTCL was apparently 'privatised' but it remained a monopoly. Land connections belonged to only one organisation namely PTCL and no other company 26% shares belong to Etisalat Telecommunications instead of allowing private Pakistani companies own. it. The rest of PTCL is still owned by the government.
In all fairness privatisation should have meant that PTCL's different operations should have been sold to different Pakistani companies.  There should no…

Acid attack on women

The film 'Saving Face' won an Oscar Award. But the the question about who is  really responsible for the acid attacks on women. Women have been mentioned very categorically. The problem is why has no one heard of men being attacked in the same way? The number of places such attacks take place in the red light areas. Any prostitute is beautiful and is a source of attraction to the majority of men  - such a woman is taking business away from other brothels and this affects them. What they do in retaliation is throw acid on those prostitutes. When those women are scarred - the men will visit other brothels. The business is a nasty one. The brothel in which the women are scarred retaliate by doing the same to the prostitutes belonging to other brothels.
This is one aspect. Women vehemently hate each other and are very jealous of one another. Immediately after marriage - a man has to shift to a new place with his wife. Because his wife cannot get along with her mother in law and s…