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Kill the bastards

60 Pakistanis  have been killed by US forces. US aircraft and drones just bomb for the sake of bombing and allege they are killing 'insurgents' and 'terrorists'.  What they ared doing is killing innocent Pakistanis.  The USA is slowly but surely become a terrorist state - in fighting this phoney war on terrorism has itself become a terrorist.  It thinks that it can kill Pakistanis and get away with, they should think again. Because this 'Special Relationship' is going to take a new turn.If our military is not going to defend Pakistanis, the Pakistanis will do it themselves. But then the government will realise enough is enough and any straying aircraft or drone into Pakistan will be destroyed before it can even enter Pakistan. Too  many Pakistanis civilians have died because the USA.  The USA has become so arrogant that it considers  Pakistan incompetent and weak. When US planes are captured and drone destroyed, the USA will be screaming and cursing Pakistan. I…