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Birth control conspiracy

There is conspiracy story making the rounds and could very well be true. Married women are in greater numbers becoming increasingly frigid. They have lost their sexual drive I believe it is called libido. The sperm count in men has fallen too. Whatever chemical is being put in the food and water is resulting in this drop in fertility. Since wives do not have any sexual desire their husbands cannot go to them. Even if some women manage to retain their libido, their husband's sperm would not result in the birth of a child. Families do not extend beyond one or two children, not because they do not want to have more children, it is because of some kind chemicals have been inroduced either in the environment or in the food or water that most married couples lead absolute sexless lives. The chemical's effect is so great that women have a growing aversion to anything pertaining to sex. While the husbands have the sexual drive but are not in a position to father children even i…