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Strange responses

These  are some strange responses I have received by different people on different occasions
I saw this funny photograph on Facebook, did you see it too?Yes I saw it (with a stern look)  ------------- Your best friend and cousin has married - you must be very happy.Not all,  after her marriage I don't want to see her or meet her ever again. I stop being friends with anyone who gets married. ---------- You had an accident, you have all those bandages.I don't feel the pain, I'm angry with the policeman who gave the wrong direction.---------- The doctor said your eyes  were -5 and you need thick lenses, why did you not tell anyone you were feeling discomfort in your eyes?I felt discomfort but I did not think it was necessary to tell anyone about it, I thought it would go away or if it gets worse I thought what can I or anyone do about it? --------

Which animal would you prefer as a pet?Pets are such a nuisance, hate looking after them.Still if you had choice between a dog or a c…