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Non-governmental organisations nonsense

There are just about too many non-governmental organisations (NGOs) - apparently working on several projects. The ones working on the problems of women are myriad. There are  others working to free those people who have been detained indefinitely without charges. There are NGOs for the environment and wildlife preservation. For every single problem which exists  there are several NGOs
If you ask them what they have achieved, other than having their reports published in newspapers - they have no answer. In the recent Women's Day - the rape and abuse of women was highlighted - how about talking about women who made difference? Women who have done things in the scientific field, in the arts in different fields f human endeavour.
NGOs stick to their agenda - on paper their work looks very noble and worthwhile - the problem is the issues once resolved - the purpose of the existence of NGOs ceases. Running NGOs is a business - money comes from people who believe in their cause - some of…