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Military rule in Pakistan

The democratic government in Pakistan is a mirage.  The power lies in the hands of the military which decides everything.  It is above the law hence not accountable to anyone. During the 1990s the military was playing the role of puppeteer - after General Zia was killed in 1988 - it was assumed the end of a military dictatorship. It was not so - the military was very much in control and remains so.The generals may change - but within the armed forces there is a central command. It does not have to show its face.
The military consumes 90% of Pakistan's budget. There is no money left for anything else. There is no room for development of infrastructure or anything else. When a general is removed the central command offers the people a political government of its own choice. All the failures of the military, all the allegations of corruption of decades is dumped on the new civilian government. The generals and the central command which run their affairs are the ones to blame. The ce…

Happy to lose privacy

Some people are pleased to abandon their freedom.  Their privacy taken away. There are military officers who imagine by denying people freedom they are doing a great service. The military has occupied a large chunk of Karachi and is running it as its personal fiefdom. Its are rules are not debated. It is dictation and nothing else. Greed and corruption runs rampant there is no one to challenge it.
Commissioned officers firmly believe that only they have the right to run Pakistan - for better or for worse. When General Zia took over he changed Defence Housing Society into Defence Housing Authority. Ever since then every kind of racket started. The water supply racket. Although water pipelines were set up, but the water was not supplied through them by through water tankers. The road building racket. The sewerage line racket. Every conceivable violation has taken place
Schools were set up by private parties …

Ban it

People have such little regard for their personal freedom - when they do not like something on TV and films they start making calls for  banning it. If not not entirely banning it - seek to have it censored. What they forget are the people who do not find it offensive or are curious to know about it.
Not wanting to watch something, is a personal choice but it is not something which should apply to others. Just because they feel in a certain - does not necessarily mean that others feel exactly the same way.
Some go along with the condemnation of books, films and TV shows - because they do not want to be seen as separate from the rampaging crowd, lest they become a target.
Because of this attitude the government sets up organisations which censor everything the public sees the most fundamental of liberties - freedom of expression is gone. It is dangerous. Because when the government starts making mistakes, there is no one telling it what it started doing wrong.
Those who report the fac…