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General Musharraf is an honourable man?

Way back in the late 1960s when General Ayub Khan saw the protests against, he too k the sensisble step and resigned from his post as president and handed over power to the Chairman of the Senate. The clownish and absolutely idiotic General Yahyah Khan disssolved the assemblies and made himself president - the result was there was a civil war and the country broke - because the issues the people were protesting against remained unresolved. The military had its humiliating time and was at the mercy of civilians again. General Musharraf should resign, before things become worse, if another military officer takes over in his place the country will plunge further into anarchy and cahos and result in far worse civil war, a reign of terror akin to what happened in France way back in the 18th century. Musharraf is hated for so many things, the list is very long. Musharraf has been insulted and abused. People would gladly tear him to pieces.
The blunder he has been making is to meddle w…