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Neocolonialism and war's end

Afghans were attacked against once again by foreign forces in 2001. Only 13 years ago a foreign invader had left their land. They were ready as they always could be. It was not running to the hills, the hills was their countryside and their most powerful defence. The Afghans never question why  they are being invaded they are ready to fight. Their country littered with weapons of the previous invader and weapons provided by an ally.
The invader faced unbelievable resistance. All tactics and stratagems adopted against the previous which were tried and tested - were being used against the new one. The  young 20 year old or so soldiers - of the invaders were too small to know about the previous war in the country and did not know what they were getting into. Even the senior officers had no experience fighting here. If the country was a flat plain then fighting would be easier - it was mountainous terrain all the way and there was a sniper on every hilltop and mines left by the Soviet Un…