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It pays to be an Islamic fanatic

The move behind the outrage against Denmark over some illustrations published in a Danish newspaper, was not motivated because of some religious zeal - the reason had everything to do with dairy products. People who cannot place Denmark on the map leave alone read a map besides do not know how to read and write their own language - knowing what was written in Danish is out of the question.
The milk and dairy cartel in Pakistan was forced to keep its prices at a reasonable level because Pakistan imports a great deal of milk and other dairy products from Denmark. This was done when this cartel tried to raise its prices way back in the 1970s. Now that Denmark is more or less out of the picture the local cartel can raise prices as it pleases.
Australia offered meat at very low prices, around the range of Rs 3 per kilogramme, but this was not imported, although several Muslim countries import meat from Australia, after certifying that its halal. Here in Pakistan the price of meat is Rs…