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The mystery of Hitler

Hitler remains a mysterious figure for people in Asia - because the western 'World War' II remained mainly in Europe and some parts of Africa. For the people of South Asia - Britain was the main occupying force and everyone hated them. So whenever the British suffered a set back - the South Asians cheered. No one was allowed to praise the victories of Germany over Britain. The famous poet Josh Mali Abadi had written a verse in praise of Hitler, which landed him jail for a short time. Hitler has been portrayed as the most horrible man in Western History - however the atrocities of the British were no less in Bengal.  There are so many stories regarding this apparent villain - it makes no sense at all. There conspiracy theories  and there are counter-conspiracy theories.  Is Hitler a human being or some kind collective mindset or an institution. There are stories he was funded and supported by a whole bunch of people to get him power. Why would anyone want that to happen? What …