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World War III now!

The USA is presently at war with three countries - Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and is threatening two countries Iran and Syria. When the additional soldiers were announced by the USA for Iraq, in the same speech Iran and Syria were were warned. This could possibly mean that the additional number of soldiers along with all the other stuff which is used in war is not really meant to control things in Iraq, it could very well mean that it would be a land-based invasion of Iran and Syria.
The USA would be going to war against Iran and Syria at the same time. Now who did that in the last century? Of course now I remeber, when Hitler was running Germany. The Germans occupied much of Europe tremendous ease till Germany was defeated, of course the very territories Germans had occupied were under the control of the Soviet Union - who really won the war? The USA is seriously considering destroying North Korea just because it has nuclear weapons.
What does the USA stand to gain from fight…