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Musharraf: No surrender, no retreat

General Musharraf - imagined it would be smooth sailing once he grabbed power. He imagined the people of Pakistan are docile and absolutely servile. But it came as a rude shock to him that when the unrests started. He is in a increasingly worsening state and does not know what he should do. The army knows that this could very well be the end of any kind of military rule.
Prior to the present military rule - since no suitable military officer was found to run the country Experimental Democracy was carried out. The evidence of that lies in the fact that President Ghulam Isaac Khan remained President of Pakistan in the tenure of both Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif who alternated as prime ministers they leadership was cut short and there were new elections every time. The other evidence of Experimental Democracy is that the post of Foreign Minister remained in the hands of Sardar Yakub Khan.
The newspapers were full of stories terrible corruption in all the institutions just because of …

General Musharraf threatens to massacre

General Musharraf in his speech today - threatened to massacre the people who are protesting aginst his rule. In the same breath he said he is not afraid of anyone (obviously meaning the people who want him out) except God. From kidnapper - General Musharraf has elevated himself to a potential mass murderer. Instead of bowing respectably he has become so desperate to hold on to power that he will the very people the military is sworn to protect. The running joke about the Pakistan Army is that since it cannot conquer any territory, it very successfully conquers Pakistan over and again. The only people the Pakistan Army can threaten forcefully are the citizens of Pakistan.
The cronies of the present military officer running the country have announced that they will elect him for the next ten years. Which only means there will be no elections ever again. Because when the ten years are over he will be re-elected for another ten. But the bastard and the members of his junta forget tha…