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Bread will cost more

The government has announced wheat exports to Afghanistan. This will only one thing for the people in Pakistan, the price of bread will go up. There was a time when bread use to cost 25 Paisas now it 6 Rupees. Meat use to cost 80 Rupees per kilogramme now it costs 450 Rupees per kilogramme. The reason for the exorbitant increase is that meat is being exported. The existing government has complete failed keep a check on prices. There is no price control system in place or even a system of subsidise the cost of food. The government does not feel obliged to benefit people in any way at all. Companies and shops are doing exactly as they feel like they just keep on increasing the cost of their products. Retailers are fed up and all are seriously considering closing shop. Any government which fails to lower the price of food, is doomed. Such a government is intolerable. The first thing the government should do is impose price control on everything which is being sold particularly all…