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Gemans are a bunch of bigots

Hans-Peter Friedrich stokes immigration flames: 'Islam has no place in Germany' | Mail Online

The stories of the Final Solution would normally be brushed aside, because it is considered British propaganda during World War II. Because the British was imperial power and its colonies all over the world hated it and never believed . But after so many years after World War II - the independent countries of the world may well begin to revise their opinions. That the Germans really were capable of exterminating people on a very large scale.
Since Germans are excellent in making machines and industrial products and way beyond many nations in getting things perfectly organised, compartmentalised and structured to make them happen with complete with cold precision - it is possible did turn mass murder into a full fledged industry. It operated with hundred per cent efficiency.
Taking such things into consideration - the title of the story of the Daily Mail in the 1930s could hav…