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The countries which had been occupied, enslaved and exploited to extreme poverty - by Europe are called Third World Countries. The occupiers are unrepentant and call themselves First World Countries. The wealth that Europe has today is all stolen. Now that the 'Third World' countries because of the terrible condition want to settle in Europe. But the Europeans and other 'First World' countries do not want them.
The 'First Worlders' do not want to be reminded of the atrocities they committed, the looting and the pillaging which they carried out on a mass scale. When they save their loot in banks it was alright, today it is called 'money laundering'.
'Third Worlders' are always considered a threat, the truth is that 'First Worlders' are guilty and are afraid of reprisals. Extensive visa restrictions are imposed on 'Third Worlders' because once more of them enter 'First World' countries they would take away a large…