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Zardari's quest for absolute power

The National Reconciliation Ordinance (N.R.O) is intended give more power to President Zaradari. He will use his executive powers at whim, and will not need the approval of the parliament for any decision be it right or wrong. There would be no debate in the parliament, the president's decision would be final. In short he wants to become a dictator. The elections which were conducted were sham. No one elected anyone, the results were announced, no one knows if they were genuine or not. Zardari made himself president and Gilani is prime minister because Zardari wanted him to be. Much of the parliament is filled with religious clerics (Mullahs) who have no concept of democracy. They can only preach not make a sensible speech. Had there been honest elections, the Mullahs would not be seen in the parliament. No one cares about religion. People want jobs, they want incomes which can match the ever increasing prices of virtually everything. The country is run by charlatans, completel…