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Pakistani English

It has now been over 50 years since the British left our part of the world, their language stayed behind. The Americans and the Australians in the course of time have developed their version of English, the Americans have also changed the spellings and even the pronounciations of many words. So there is no reason why English as it is spoken in the streets be not accepted as the English of our country. Schools teach English - but it is a standard which does not conform to the way the language is actually spoken and written. Latin died as a spoken language because it was too rigid with its rules, only those languages survive which change, adapt and are flexible.
The standards of English set in Britain, USA are not the same as those in Pakistan. English can only survive if it adjusts to local conditions. There are so many words and phrases, which would make no sense 'proper English' for instance - "Don't eat my ears" and "Don't eat my brain" these are …


Why cannot my monthly electricity bill not be Rs 6 instead of it being Rs 8000 my telephone bill Rs 2 instead of Rs 3000 and my gas bill 2 paisas instead of Rs 150? Why cannot the air fare to anywhere in the country be Rs 3 instead of beings several thousand as much? Why is there no network of 8 lane motorways connecting every town and city? Why cannot petrol cost 2 paisas per litre? Why cannot I buy a brand new car for Rs 10? Why does it have to cost as much 10 Kgs of gold? Why cannot I hold the hands of my girl friend and not be ogled at hundreds of people? Why are there no discos? Why are there no bars? Why are there no nightclubs/strip clubs? Why are there no casinos? Why are there no massage parlors? Why is trying to commit suicide considered a crime and not a symptom of deep despair? Why is being gay or lesbian treated as a crime? Why is our cinema industry as good as dead? Why is there mass unemployment and extreme poverty? Why do not nude beaches exist here? Why are feudal lor…