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Thought control

If I hate something - I cannot express it on social network. If something bothers me -  I cannot say it. When I know something is wrong - I have two choices - write it down in my journal - which I do more often when I come across the fact I have been blocked out. I am angry - I will use my journal - no one can stop me from doing that. No moderator, no administrator.
No one. Its just me and my thoughts. My emotions and my feelings, written down using ink. No I will not use the computer to do that, who knows what kind technology there which can be transmitted from a mere word processor.
Only those moderate are those who are afraid what I say is right. The answer are placard, leaflets and what I write my private journal.What kind of world is it  - in which there is such thing thought control? One should restrain ones emotions and thoughts.
One should not express something, which presumably will hurt the feelings of others. The truth hurts a great deal - because it happens to be true. Wh…