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US Star Wars programme and China's missile test

The US started building systems to defend itself against nuclear weapons hitting the USA, during late President Reagan's tenure. It was a huge and expensive operation. The USA applauded itself for going ahead with this programme and calling it a success. However only recently China has successfully tested a missile capable of destroying satellites in space. The US was quick to condemn China for this. Which is ridiculous.
The USA says it does not want militarise space when it was th4 one which started it. Commentators said the Chinese would be able to blind the USA by destroying its military satellites which are supposedly protecting the USA's armed forces. If the USA does not want to militarise space why does it have spy satellites and perhaps even missiles which are really orbitting missile launchers to destroy missiles or an enemy country before they are launched. So space has already been militarised by the USA, so if China has missiles which can destroy satellites and …