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Conspiracy conspiracy

There are several websites entirely devoted to all kinds of conspiracy theories. Those theories may or may not be true - but then one can never certain what is reported in several respected media sources.
My experience as a journalist has taught me that no one should believe everything what they read, hear or see even from some of the trusted media sources. Because many times they get the facts absolutely wrong. Almost all the time the news is given an angle and the common spin and plausible deniability The real story is buried inside a large amount of text and once that particular news item is heavily edited the facts emerge and quite possibility seriously embarrass a lot of people.
One of problems with conspiracy websites is that none of them have any email addresses - or any other forwarding address. there is really no way to contact them. Even if there are email addresses most of the time they turn out to be fake - so it makes all those conspiracy theories sound like monologues a…