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Blocking adult websites 2

Except for one article in the Daily Times, there has hardly been any reaction to the government ordering the blocking of adult websites. It is as if the people accept no one really cares or concerned.  The most probable reason is that the people that this has become and on again off again thing.  Facebook and You Tube have been banned then re-opened.  The people of Pakistan it seems consider their government to be clownish and insane.  Taking it seriously is an absolute waste of time. It is only a matter of time when all the rules will be reversed because it is technologically  impossible to stop things such as these. A few years ago a complete ban on Indian TV shows had started. Quickly people found their favourite alternative - the CD and the DVD.  Some wag said  Zardari wanted to favour some video shop owner who rents out CDs and DVDs and Internet adult website were not letting him do so. When that video shop owner has enough customers, the adult websites would be restored. All th…