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Star Trek and Stargate

Both great series unfortunately cancelled. The funny thing about these shows is that do not grow up with their fans their audience - why not have an R or X rating, comic book style the rating never changes. How is it all the aliens look like humans in both shows - it does not matter if there foreheads are large or their colour is blue. Aliens should look like aliens. The imagination of the people who make these shows seem stunted when it comes to conceiving aliens..
Star Trek never lived out on its premise and promise to seek out new life and new civilisations. The air was sucked out of Stargate after defeating Goul'd and the Ori. Only really good science fiction/fantasy writers can breathe life into these shows.
So many people have written Star Trek novels, but no one really cares to take ideas from them. Slowly and gradually Stargate moved from gate travel to star ship travel - what is known as hyper drive in Stargate is warp drive in Star Trek. Does it really matter what…