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Honda Civic In Pakistan

How is it that Honda has crossed out some of the things it has on its list? Does it not want to best car in Pakistan?
In any case the car policy of the government of Pakistan is seriously flawed.  Most probably because no one has had the time  to revise it.Cars are called luxury items and safety features additional luxury items. Cars are not luxury items, they are a utility and consumer item. People need them to travel distances, many of which are not accessible by public transport. At present the tax on on cars is 350% over and above the actual price of the cars. The tax on cars should not be more than more than 25% of the actual price. Car buyers in Pakistan have a choice of only a few cars brands. Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi, although there many car companies in the world. The number of people who want to buy news cars in Pakistan but cannot afford to are 60 million - but because they are outrageously expensive only an estimated 9 million people can afford them. An importa…