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The gates of hell

It is strange to learn about how employees are treated. Close circuit cameras are not meant for security purposes, they are used to monitor employees. A worker is required to 12 hours or more standing - with not a minute to rest. If any employee is seen sitting down, or leaning against the wall to take a breather is immediately fired without a moments notice. It is as if people are machines are expected to perform as such. They are also underpaid.
What also has gone is the concept of the monthly salary and pensions are out of the question - people are fired prior to the time they reach retirement age. A person is useful only as long he continues to work at his peak level, his prior performance is of no consequence. In such inhuman environment there can be no respect and loyalty towards the employer. Why should anyone work with absolute dedication when he (or she) knows that he could be fired at a moment's notice? An employees previous performance is treated as history a loyal worke…